The city is divided into sections that are NFT and will be limited in number. The owners of the plots will be able to build a house for their pet. Over time, players in the city will extract resources with which they will be able to carry out any improvements on their sites.
2 slots
7250 pcs
6 slots
2600 pcs
9 slots
400 pcs
Generate less resources
You can't build estate for commercial use
Suited for the construction of factories and small residential buildings
Generates less resources than Genesis
You can't build factories in Middletown
Intended for small and medium businesses, for the construction of apartments and townhouses
Big business is focussed on Genesis
Only commercial real estate can be built
Owners will receive % of all operations within the game
Your pet will surprise you with his behavior every day. Rejoice with him and get rewards for interacting with him.
Your pet will surprise you with his behavior every day. Rejoice with him and get rewards for interacting with him.
To create interesting and colorful Blockchain game, which will bring together people in community of animal lovers.

To give an opportunity get virtual pets those people, who can't get a pet in real life.
To convey the importance of caring pets through game mechanics.

To send a part of proceeds for support of real pets regularly, which need help.
A part of the funds received from the project activity will be spent on pet products for real pets. We believe that everyone can make a contribution to the lives of those who have a lack of love and attention.
Approval of the project idea, documentation
Launch of social networks, website
Creating a character concept
Start of sales of privilege cards
Whitepaper Update
Collection card output to the marketplace
Game concept, pre-sale of 15% of the land
Selling the first generation of characters
Beta test of the game, new characteristics of pets
The first open tournament with the awards fund
Launching a marketplace
Concept of new pets, pre-sales
Selling the first generation of characters
Closed test GAME mode
Soft launch of the game (Alpha-test)
First airdrop for privilege card holders
Why is it important?
Many teams hide their names for reasons known to us. Basically it is the fear of project failure. We believe that there are difficulties in any field and only those who go to the end and meet all the obstacles on their way are worthy of success.
The Alfa-VeriFi team has a very high quality approach to verification and will help in promoting our idea. We are grateful to them for this.